Stony Creek Quarry Corporation was one of the original quarriers which helped the stone industry develop a Sustainable Stone Standard, ANSI/NSC 373. We were the third company in the industry to certify to the Standard. Now, we are a leader in the drive to bring the rest of the world-wide stone industry into this Standard.

This Standard is a rigorous assessment which promotes environmental, ecological, and social guidelines in the production of natural stone. The certification is assessed by an independent third-party auditor annually to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

We use the industry’s best practices in quarrying to protect the diversity of nature and beauty of this landscape and to minimize our environmental impacts as much as possible. We measure our energy and water usage, our carbon emissions, and solid waste outputs as well as our use of harmful chemicals. Our operation is respectful of the local environment and our neighboring community as well as the regulations set forth by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). We continually upgrade our technology and train our staff to ensure that our operations meet or exceed current regulations.

Our sustainability program and practices have earned us a Gold level quarrier certification. Architects and owners can be assured that our historic granite will contribute to the sustainability of their projects and their efforts to earn green building certifications.