Historic Stony Creek Granite has been used for many important American monuments and architectural projects, including the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. Finished Stony Creek Granite adds a classic appearance to any project, be it national, international, civic, campus, commercial, or residential. It’s a vivid earth-toned color structure, which makes each slab look like a natural piece of art.

The nature of this stone is its variegated texture, evident in the flow structures in the liquid magma chamber and in the layers that make the rock look somewhat like a gneiss. Thanks to its non-porosity and acid resistance, the material is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops and many other indoor and outdoor applications. The surface of Stony Creek Granite is easy to clean, requires no regular maintenance, and its high density provides a resistance to staining. The color of the natural stone will not fade when exposed to sunlight.

ASTM Testing

Stony Creek Granite has been tested to document technical properties. The Natural Stone Institute’s testing lab is the industry’s trusted source for ASTM testing on granite, marble, and other natural stones. Our ASTM technical documentation can be downloaded here.


Stony Creek Granite, ASTM C97
Stony Creek Granite, ASTM C99
Stony Creek Granite, ASTM C170
Stony Creek Granite, ASTM C880
Stony Creek Granite, ASTM C1353
Stony Creek Granite, DCOF Honed
Stony Creek Granite, DCOF Thermal