We have quarried Stony Creek Granite for over a century. In a natural progression from this experience, we are able to provide expertise in everything related to Stony Creek Granite. As the complexities of a responsible supply of stone has increased, so has our portfolio. We work directly with clients, architects, landscape architects, and designers to collaborate with them at the earliest stages of the project on issues such as design, budgeting, technical matters, and writing factual and informative stone specifications. Working together with our trusted fabrication partners, we can supply cut-to-size projects that include stairs, panels, pavers, quarry-cut block, veneer, and crushed stone. And, as our responsibilities expand into project management and consulting, we continue to work closely and collaboratively with you all throughout the project to its completion.

Stony Creek Quarry: Working with History for the Future, Blackstone Memorial Library Presentation (March 2021)