• Blocks

    Our quarrying traditions go back more than 100 years. Our blocks are durable, distinctive and 100% natural. We guarantee large scale blocks, constant quality and reliable deliveries for our customers.

  • Finished Slabs & Tiles

    Finished Stony Creek granite panels add a sophisticated appearance to any cityscape.

  • Consulting

    Working collaboratively with trusted partners we can supply commercial and residential cut to size projects. We are increasingly consulting and helping manage projects by working directly and collaboratively with clients, architects and landscape architects to help them in the earliest stages of the design process on issues such as design, budgeting, technical matters, and writing a good spec.

  • Aggregate

    Stony Creek Quarry has crushed stone in many sizes

  • Marine

    As our cities develop and finance new Resilient Urban Infrastructure and shorelines Stony Creek is helping in the innovation in the field of resiliency to lessen the impact from natural disasters. We are supplying granite to help our communities implement coastal innovative strategies to create stronger more resilient coastlines. And for smaller scale protective residential projects we surround dry docks and piers with welcoming areas that perfectly complement the beauty of the seas, sounds, and bays they shelter. Stony Creek harvests its granite only a few hundred yards from the Long Island sound, making it strategically, economically and sustainable to transport our product to any waterside destination on the North Atlantic coastline.

  • ASTM Testing

    Stony Creek Classic Granite has been tested by ABIC Testing Labratories, Inc. of New Jersey.