We exemplify the industry’s best practices in quarrying capabilities in order to protect the diversity of nature and beauty of this landscape. Our operation is respectful of the local environment and our neighboring community as well as the regulations set forth by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Our clients benefit from our “cut-to-size” and customized stone that meet our clients’ needs. Through these endeavors, we are better able to maximize the production of dimensional stone. We continually upgrade our technology and train our staff to ensure that our operations are in line with current regulations and beyond We have the appropriate policies, goals, and research methods in place to successfully reduce the environmental effects of our day-to-day operations highlighted in our sustainability program.

We also adhere to the qualifications set forth by the ANSI/NSC 373 Sustainable Production ofgenuinestone Natural Dimension Stone certification and Chain of Custody Standard. This rigorous assessment addresses and promotes environmental, ecological, and social factors within the production of natural stone. The certification is assessed by an independent third-party auditor annually to ensure compliance with the guidelines.



We proudly host over 700 students, community members, and political leaders each year. Our visitors include students from local elementary schools, Yale University, and State Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr. Together, we determine how to evolve and find creative ways to be stewards of the land and help educate future generations.



We are shaping the active quarry to minimize our fuel usage and increase efficiency in our quarrying capabilities. Moreover, we aim to reduce our energy consumption by 5% each year.



icon-safetySafety and Resilience

Our excellent safety record has earned us seven annual “no lost time” safety awards from MSHA. Additionally, our stone proudly supports local resilience initiatives including several sponsored by the Army Corps of Engineers.


icon-quarrySite Management

We are proud of our location within the Stony Creek Quarry Preserve, a 350 acre undisturbed public space, which is maintained by the Branford Land Trust. In our operations, we efficiently extract stone from the landscape without disturbing non-quarried terrain. We work with the Town of Branford and other community stakeholders to continually develop our long term land use and Post-Closure Reclamation Plan. Please email us for a copy of this Plan.



We have a “zero-waste policy” for granite. 100% of the stone quarried is valuable and therefore is not landfilled. We generate nominal quantities of solid waste and recycling and safely dispose of our hazardous wastes and oils.

chart-excess material-02



We are proud that all of the water used in our operations is rainwater which we collect on-site. After washing or crushing the stone, we recover more than 95% of this water for reuse.