• Architecture

    We bring together contemporary details as well as a timeless energy to our trade, which makes Stony Creek Granite known for its strength, workability, and distinctive appearance.

  • Landscape

    As Landscape Urbanism has become the governing process by which our cities are now redesigned Stony Creek Granite can be a key element of the overall landscape design from inviting urban plazas, sculptural seat walls to the curbs and pavers of busy city streets. Stony Creek provides practical and tasteful landscaping to suit all needs; civic and residential. Whether it’s low-maintenance pavers or functional pool elements, we strive for a crafted, attractive ad enduring enhancement to your space.

  • Municipal & Institutional

    Incredibly, the granite that supports the Statue of Liberty, the foundation of our country, is still accessible to us because of Stony Creek. Our stone has been made iconic and authentic by providing a base and preserving our nation’s historical fountains, landmarks, and memorials.

  • Residential

    Stony Creek Granite can set a residence apart, not only by creating depth and texture, but by actually adding value to a home. Residential landscaping using Stony Creek particularly elevates the aesthetic of a home; its strength and workability are especially appealing to residential architects.

  • Cultural

    Stone has had a permanent relevancy when it comes to great sculpture and architecture, which is why we are proud to support the use of our stone in the art world.

  • Marine

    As our cities develop and finance new Resilient Urban Infrastructure and shorelines Stony Creek is helping in the innovation in the field of resiliency to lessen the impact from natural disasters. We are supplying granite to help our communities implement coastal innovative strategies to create stronger more resilient coastlines. And for smaller scale protective residential projects we surround dry docks and piers with welcoming areas that perfectly complement the beauty of the seas, sounds, and bays they shelter. Stony Creek harvests its granite only a few hundred yards from the Long Island sound, making it strategically, economically and sustainable to transport our product to any waterside destination on the North Atlantic coastline.