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Stony Creek Granite is part of a Mesozoic era deposit formed between 225 million ad 650 million years ago. Stony Creek granite was first quarried in 1858. Today Stony Creek granite makes up a great deal of New York City’s architectural history, from the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty to the walkways of 42nd St. and 34th St to the prestigious college campus of Columbia University. It has also been integrated into the foundations of many of New York City’s landmarks, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, and many New York City Parks. Just as we did over 150 years ago, today we continue to provide substance, structure, and enduring beauty that will last a lifetime.

“Walking down any street in New York City even a casual observer cannot help to be impressed by the varieties of granite and marble in the facades, lobbies and even the sidewalks of the city. But these seemingly mute stone speak: they are the pages of earth history and written in them is also the history of the people who quarried, shaped and erected them and the architects that chose them. There are thousands of varieties of stone in the city but one stands out, the focus of my illustrated lecture, Stony Creek Classic Granite. It is a beautiful pink stone quarried in nearby Connecticut and found in many New York City Parks supporting statues, in retaining walls, park pavements and lovely benches to sit on to enjoy the ambiance of the park as week as fountains. Used in such iconic structures such as the base of the Statue of Liberty, many architectural elements of Federal Plaza and part of Grand Central Terminal, not only does this 600 million year material retain in its mineralogy and structure the record of its origin deep in the crust of the earth and subsequent events of continental collisions and monument building, it also has a social and industrial history related to the people who quarried it, the changing techniques used to remove it from the earth and the tools to shape it.”

Sidney Horenstein
Geologist & Environmental Educator Emeritus
American Museum of Natural History
79th St and Central Park West
New York, NY 

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Completed Projects (Since 2008):

Jackie Robinson Park, NY, NY, stair restoration
Architect: NYC Dept.of Parks, Fabricator: O+G Industries Inc.

Columbia University Northwest Corner Building, NY, NY, facade
Architect: Rafael Moneo, Moneo Brock Studio, Davis Brody, Bond, Fabricator: Granites of America

Peter Minuit Plaza, NY, NY, pavers and seat wall curb elements
Architect: NYC Dept of Parks, Fabricator: J.C. Stone Inc.

34t St. Bryant Park Partnership, NY, NY, street curbs and pavers
Architect: 34th St Bryant Park Partnership, Fabricator: Structural Stone LLC

40 Wooster St., NY, NY, replacement granite for bldg on National Historic registry
Architect: Bone/Levine Architects, Fabricator: Structural Stone LLC

Vietnam War Memorial, Penns Grove, NJ, custom sculptural monument
Architect: Michael Devonshire, Jan Hird Pokorny Architects, Fabricator: Structural Stone LLC

JP Morgan Chase Bank Airport Hanger, White Plains Airport, White Plains, NY, interior tiles and pavers
Architect: Sullivan Architects, Fabricator: Ancor Granite Tile Inc.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Campus Plaza, Cambridge. MA, exterior pavers 
Architect: MIT, GC: Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Fabricator: Structural Stone LLC

Flushing Meadow Astral Skate Park, Queens, NY, supply and project management of custom skateboard park elements 
Architect: California Skate Parks, Fabricator: Structural Stone LLC

Key Tower, Cleveland, OH, replacement plaza pavers 
Architect: Pelli Clark Pelli Architects, Fabricator: Structural Stone LLC

Custom Classical Mausoleum, Cedar Hills Cemetery, Hartford, CT 
Fabricator: Rock of Ages Corporation

Fred and Laura Clarke Residence, Guilford, CT, custom landscape elements Landscape
Architect: Reed Hildebrand Landscape Architects, Fabricator: Stony Creek Quarry Corporation

Adam Clayton Powel Building, NY, NY, replacement vertical wall panel
Architect: GSA, Fabricator: Structural Stone LLC

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, Cretaceous Garden, New Haven, CT, landscape bollards, sculptural benches 
Architect: Towers Golde Landscape Architects, Fabricator: Stony Creek Quarry Corporation

Custom Designed Memorial, East Hampton Cemetery, East Hampton, NY
Fabricator: Stony Creek Quarry Corporation

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, White Plains, NY, entranceway stair restoration
Architect: Busing Architects LLP, Fabricator: Structural Stone LLC

Newark Museum, Newark, NJ, facade panel restoration and plaza pavers
Architect: Michael Graves and Associates, Fabricators: Structural Stone LLC, Ancor Granite Tile Inc.

Weekapaug Inn, Westerly, RI, custom seatwall elements
Landscape Architect: Anne Pennimen Landscape Architects: Fabricator: Connecticut Stone

Columbia University, East Campus Residential Dormitories, NY, NY, interior lobby restoration
Architect: Columbia University, Fabricator; Structural Stone LLC

Brooklyn College, Ingersall Hall Brooklyn, NY,
Architect: The Urban Group, Fabricator: A. Lacroix Granit with Miller Druck Speciality Stone, Inc.

Wantaugh Bridge, Long Island, New York, replacement elements for bridge anchorage
Architect: NYDOT, Fabricator: North Carolina Granite Corporation

Jacob K. Javits Federal Building Plaza, NY, NY, urban plaza elements and pavers
Architect: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Fabricator: A. Lacroix Granit

Quinnipiac University, Health Sciences Bldg. Hamden, CT, custom facade and architectural ornamentation, pavers 
Architect: Centerbrook Architects and Planners, Fabricator: O+G Industries, Inc., Stone Panels, Inc. and Nikolaus Bagnara Spa-Italy

Penn Station Plaza, Newark, NJ, custom seat wall and pavers
Architect: AECOM, Stone Supplier: Furlong and Lee Stone Sales

Brooklyn College of Technology, Vorhees Hall, Brooklyn, NY facade and plaza pavers
Architect: Der Scutt, Architect, Fabricator: Stone Panels, GC: Gilbane

Sean and Karen Kernan Residence, Stony Creek, CT
Architect: Naomi Darling Architecture LLC, Fabricator: Darrell Petit LLC

Willoughby Wallace Library (addition), Stony Creek, CT
Architect: Arbonie King Vlock Architects,, Fabricator: Stony Creek Quarry Corporation

PS 343, New York, NY, facade elements
Architect: Massa Montalto Architects with Michael Graves and Associates
Fabricator: North Carolina Granite Corporation

Guilford High School, Guilford, CT, custom landscape elements
Architect: Tai Soo Kim Architects, GC: Turner, Fabricator: Structural Stone LLC

Hall of Records, New Haven, CT, replacement plaza elements
GC: Blakeslee Arpia Chapman Inc., Fabricator: Structural Stone LLC

WWII Monument, Guilford, CT 
Sculptor: Darrell Petit LLC, Fabricator; Darrell Petit LLC with Stony Creek Quarry Corporation

Riverfront Relax, Riverfront Recapture, Hartford, CT
Sculptor: Darrell Petit LLC, Fabricator: Darrell Petit LLC

Torosaurus (granite pedestal), Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven, CT
Sculptor: Darrell Petit LLC, Fabricator: Darrell Petit LLC in collaboration with Stony Creek Quarry Corporation


In Progress Projects:

Battery Park Conservancy Extension, NY, NY, custom seat wall elements and pavers
Architect: NYC Parks, Quennell Rothchild Landscape Architects, Fabricator: Polycor

Childrens Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, facade and pavers
Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Fabricator: A. Lacroix Granit


Historic Stony Creek Projects:

Statue of Liberty (pedestal), New York Harbour, USA
Architect: Richard Morris Hunt, Fabricator: Beatties Quarry

Metropolitan Museum of Art (Oceanic Art Gallery), NY, NY
floor tiles, Architect; Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo Associates, Fabricator: Castellucci Stone International

Hammanasett Beach Jetty, Clinton, CT
Contractor: Army Corps of Engineers, Stone Supplier; Stony Creek Quarry Corporation

The Family, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, Bloomfield, CT
Sculptor: Isamu Noguchi, Fabricator: Castellucci and Sons

Grand Central Station, NY, NY

South Terminal Station, Boston, MA

The Victory Monument, West Point, NY

National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Terminal Market, Philadelphia, PA

R.H Macy and Company, NY, NY

War College, Washington, DC

Freer Gallery, Washington, DC

Bulkeley Bride, Hartford, CT

AT and T Corporate Headquarters, NY, NY

Momentum Place, Dallas, TX

Chifley Towers, Sydney, Australia

Stadtsparkasse-Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany

Cleveland Clinics, Cleveland, OH

Federal Home Loan Bank, San Francisco, CA